About me

Psychologist – Psychology Department, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Masters Degree, 1984
Completed three years of Law School, MikoŁaj Kopernik University, Cracow
Additional training:
1989 – Training on Psychotherapy at the Psycho neurology Institute, Warsaw
1994 – Psychotherapy course at Nervous Disorders Treatment Clinic, Cracow
1994 – Group Psychotherapy at Nervous Disorders Treatment Clinic, Cracow
2007 – Associate Member of American Polygraph Association
2007 – 42nd Annual Seminar/Workshop of American Polygraph Association
2008 – DSM-IV-TR clinical diagnosis course at the Polish Institute of the Integrative Psychoteraphy
2013 – Training in „Usage and interpretation of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory” at Psychological Test Workshop of Polish Psychological Association in Warsaw
2013 – Postgraduate studies in clinical sexuology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Professional Experience:
1994 – till present: Court Expert , The Circuit Court of Warsaw
1989 – till present: private practice, Psychologist
2006-2010 –  Central Anticorruption Bureau – Chief of Recruitment Division, Chief of Polygraph Exam Section
1994/1995 – academic year – Director, Public Elementary School, Warsaw
1982 – 1984: Hospital Psychologist– Pomnik Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka, Warsaw
1980/1981 – School Psychologist, Warsaw
1981/1982 District Labor and Social Counseling Center

Special skills:
Court Expert , among others, worked on the following cases:
Cocaine case on a national scale
On various „Warsaw” cases- the most famous one: the homicide of Michał Sura­la (boy drowned in Vistula river). In this case, I led the suspect to confess to committing the crime.
I also worked on cases related to pedophiles, homicide, rape and robbery. Delegated by the Republic of Poland Consulate in Milan to examine before the Court of Brescia, the Polish children to be adopted by Italian families
Submitted an expert opinion on children born of Polish-French marriage to the Family Court of Loches (France), Skien (Norway).
Provided expert opinion as the only Psychologist in Warsaw for the needs of Transparency Court in Warsaw.
Provided expert opinion for the needs of Judicial Highest Disciplinary Court at the Appeal Court,
Cooperates on steady basis with Homicide Department as well as with Crime Terror Combat Department of the Police of the City of Warsaw.

Psychology Office
Family therapy, marital crisis therapy, behavioral problems.